Mainframe emulation and serial comms (was Re: "Toy" computers)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 14:41:02 2002

--- Raymond Moyers <> wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 April 2002 22:22, you wrote:
> > If it's a mainframe, then the campus is the enclosure,
> > while if it's a desktop, it's pretty obvious what that is.
> Today that campus worth of hardware is emulated in the hercules
> s360/370/390/ zSeries emulator
> running on a PC running linux or winbloZ
> OS, DOS, MVS, VM ... running on your pc, serves x3270
> terms over the network etc etc.

I have visited the site, but my question is apparently not
frequent enough... from those who know, will "Hercules"
talk BISYNC or SNA down a sync serial pipe? I have some
toys here that emulate PU Type 2s (i.e., include a 3274
cluster controller emulator) and older HASP and 3780 workstations,
but they all expect a sync serial feed. I have the modem
eliminators, etc., so that's not a problem. The problem is
what to stick in a PeeCee that can be the Host end of the
conversation (i.e., the 37x5 end, from the viewpoint of my
peripherals). The Zilog 8530 SIO is smart enough to handle
the link-level protocol (we used it and the COM5025), but
outside of the classic Mac/Sun product line, you don't see
a ZSIO in every box.

Running x3270 is cool enough, but I want _real_ emulated
network traffic, to talk to 20-year-old "compatible"
products. I could even move data to and from VAXen over
SNA or HASP if the Hercules end is savvy enough.



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