.I.P. for D.I.Y.

From: Raymond Moyers <rmoyers_at_nop.org>
Date: Sat Apr 27 04:07:58 2002

On Thursday 25 April 2002 06:15, you wrote:
> I've been going to hamfest for a LOT of years and one thing that I've
> noticed is that there's practically zero interest in building stuff any
> more. Parts and tools that used to be very sought after now go begging.

 I built my first 4-1000A amp when i was 14 years old.

 I still have an extensive collection of tubes sockets blowers
 Jennings Vac caps, big HV oil caps and a few leftover
 pole pigs to build 3 - 7000 volt supplies from.

 Its a good thing too, because your right, the people that
 know how to build things are becoming rare

 I blame the dumbing down in our schools, "earth day"
 Marxism, smart aint cool culture.

 Those of us that learned how the universe works beginning
 in electronics, swapped out our own burnt buss drivers
 in our altairs and trs80's are becomming rare.

 And electronics isnt the only field, when clinton came in
 we had over 12,000 foundres in the US, now there are less
 than 40 in the whole country and the talent is being lost.

 Perhaps before China shoots the Nukes that Clinton
 gave em on the rockets clinton gave them we can
 ask for a "time out",, and ask em to make parts for our

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