FW: Adopted -- PC Convertible 5140

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <rcini_at_msn.com>
Date: Sat Apr 27 12:41:32 2002

I was contacted by the below person regarding a PC Convertible. I already
have one so I'm passing this on to the list. Please contact Leigh directly.


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Hi Rich,

Yes you may put the word out that I have a very nice
one of these for sale - I'm thinking of putting it up on ebay to
seewho nibbles, but I will wait until you contact your collector
group first. Unfortunately I do not have a manual or any supporting
software disks, etc - just the machine itself - which boots just fine
and shows a window with commands at the bottom which I do not
really understand - in addition to load/save/ - which is easy enough-
there are commands for tron/troff/ and others.

Here's my site:
http://bluewolfcreative.com (still under construction)

Best regards,


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>From: Bluewolf Creative Arts [mailto:bluewolf.creative_at_verizon.net]
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>To: rcini_at_optonline.net
>Subject: Re: Adopted -- PC Convertible 5140
>Rich, I recently acquired one of these machines also -
>it's an IBM PC Convertible 5140 in perfect condition...
>however, I am a mac person, so I am looking to sell
>this machine. Are you interested? It came without
>the printer but the external power supply works just
>fine... no manual... it boots up just fine - tried some
>dos commands but no luck - how does one work
>this thing? It's pretty cute - looks like new...
>Leigh in Palm Springs CA SA
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