Commodore PC-20-III

From: James B. DiGriz <>
Date: Sat Apr 27 15:23:44 2002

Tony Duell wrote:
>>Well, I'm now the (proud?) owner of a Commodore PC-20-III. Ironically, this
> A little more information, now that I've found my folder of PC10/PC20
> schematics...
> The 'motherboard' is really I/O only (looks to be a serial port, a
> parallel port, and an FDC). The CPU card plugs into a special slot on
> this board -- it appears the CPU is an 8088 with (optional?) 8087
> coprocessor.
> There were at least 3 video cards : Monochrome (looks to be MDA), Color
> (looks to be CGA) and 'Advanced Monochrome' (looks to be Hercules). I
> can't be absolutely sure about that because all the cards have programmed
> PALs or PLAs on them and I don't have any info on what's inside them. The
> only one to have a composite output is the Color one. And none of them
> have DIP switches that I can see.
> So I would guess the card you have with the DIP switches is a generic
> clone card. As is the one with the 2 DA15s on it.
> -tony

As it happens I have a PC-10 lying around here. I just looked and it has
a NEC 8088 and an empty slot for an 8087 on the motherboard. There is a
special slot on the board, but it's just memory expansion (256K installed)

There's an ATI "Graphics Solution Rev 3" CGA/MDA/(Hercules?) board in
one of the ISA slots, with a 9-pin female "D"-sub connector that has a
cable with a 6-pin male DIN connector plugged into it. The monitor is
around here somewhere, too, but I forget what model it is. There's an
FDC on the mobo, but no hard disk controller.

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