FW: Free chips to good home (gone!)

From: John Chris Wren <jcwren_at_jcwren.com>
Date: Sun Apr 28 15:49:46 2002

        Thanks to everyone who showed interest (which was a lot more than I
expected). The chips have found new homes, and will be winging their way
their Monday.

        Based on the replies, I guess I should have put them on eBay with "L_at__at_K!"
"RARE!", and made my retirement money.

        This is actually something that really gets me wound up. These people gut
an old XT, and list every chip they can yank off the board as "RARE!". So
it has gold flashed pins. So what? It's ceramic? So what? A 27C128 is
not "L_at__at_K RARE!". And there are a couple of particular offenders.

        I've though about writing a CGI script that trolls for that, and
automatically sends an e-mail every day to the effect of "Hi! You're an
idiot, and couldn't recognize a RARE! chip if it bit you on the ass. Please
stop polluting eBay with your useless crap that you can't even identify.
How can I tell? Because you put RARE! and a part number, and no part
description what so ever. Moron".


> I've got some chips sitting around that may (or may not) interest the
> classiccmp'ers.
> 2 MC68010LC10 (10Mhz "aircraft carrier" (DIP-64) 68010s)
> 1 MC68010R10 (10Mhz PGA 68010)
> 4 AT&T DSP-16a
> 2 Acorn chip sets (VL86C010 + VL86C410 + VL86C110)
> 1 AMD 9511D (DIP Arithimetic Co-processor)
> 4 COM9046 (SMC voice scramblers)
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