BS al a Erlacher

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Apr 28 22:30:51 2002

Looks as though someone's p*ssed because he doesn't read and can't write and


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> I'll just say now that I haven't read all the threads referred to, nor will
> I.
> But given the relative reputations of those involved, I know who I'm
> siding with, and that's too bad, in the sense that some of the things
> that might have been said were of value. I know what value I give Dicks
> statements. 80% of them are on electronics construction, and I have
> respect for those. But Dick really should learn which things he excells
> at and which he doesn't.
> A well phrased rant is still just a rant, only it wastes more of peoples
> time,
> who care to read it, than a succinct one.
> I have a sneaking suspicion that the added grammar really doesn't add
> much to the value of the post at all.
> John A.
> OH, that's what B.S. is!
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