From: Antonio Carlini <Antonio.Carlini_at_riverstonenet.com>
Date: Mon Apr 29 09:56:26 2002

>On closer inspection, the VAX 11/750 board that I have marked "Property
> of DEC, Not For Sale" is an M0006 - a Remote Diagnosis board. What can
> you people tell me about it?

        This was used by DEC to dial in to the
        computer over a telephone line and
        manage it as though someone were
        typing at the console. It used an
        unpublished protocol between the
        kit at DEC's end ad the box at your

        Technically the box still belongs to
        DEC ... or maybe COMPAQ ...
        or soon HP.

        The support engineer at DEC's end
        could do whatever he liked to your machine,
        but everyhting he did was recorded
        by the support centre's systems.

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