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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 09:52:54 2002

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> Nah, I understand that Stallman and the FSF are under
> constant probing
> for any sign of a capitulatory mood, for any sign of


> tolerance for being
> made irrelvant, since they are using IP against itself, and a lot of
> people stand to gain at everyone else's expense if they can
> crack that


> wall. That's the grounds for the GNU/linux controversy, and
> no doubt why
> he makes demands that are taken as overreaching to UG's that


There's nothing in the license that says you have to give GNU
credit in the popularly accepted name of your software. Trying
to change that after the fact by throwing your weight around, so
to speak, is certainly in poor taste.

Richard "I won't talk to you unless you call your project by my pet
name" Stallman has lost much of my respect over all of this.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and you can certainly disagree.

> want him to
> speak. I don't envy his position. He has a point, too, even
> if you think
> it's overblown. Enough so that a lot of people would prefer

If you mean that the FSF deserves some credit and respect, sure,
but that's not the way for him to get the former, and it certainly
has lost him lots of the latter, even if the project may still be
relatively well thought of.


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