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From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 00:16:56 2002

> From: Tony Duell <>

> Do I have to be consistent all the time? :-)

Only if you want to maintain your reputation ;>)
> More seriously, for testing an interface, particularly if you're just
> starting out, it does make sense to start from a simple working computer
> (ZX81, CoCo, Apple ][, PC-with-ISA-slots-running MS-DOS, etc). It
> eliminates a lot of variables.

Thanks for the confirmation. At this point in my life I realize I will
never have the time to learn enough about electronics to design and build a
computer from scratch.
> But if you want to make a complete new computer system (which is really
> these ZX81 projects sound like), you are possibly better off starting
> with just the CPU chip.

The ZX81 projects which I am aware of all have one thing in common: they
maintain the "flavor" of the original machine. This includes Sinclair
BASIC, the screen font, and the rest of the ROM. Beyond that, it's wide

If you come to our meeting next March (Germany), you'll see what I mean.
How about it? The entire weekend, with meals and room, is only US$50.

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