Googling and "egg-sucking" (was Re: "Toy" computers...)

From: Dave Woodman <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 01:24:12 2002

"Douglas H. Quebbeman" wrote:

> [ text that used to be ... ]
> "Fair to middlin'" is my usual response to the casual how-are-you.
> It gets a lot of raised eyebrows at my current orkplace, but then
> we have many transplants there, and I'm local.
> -dq

"Fair to middlin" is in use across the pond:- I have used it all my life here
where English started (Anglo-Saxon with Latin and Danish influences, infused
heavily with the Norman tongue). I also recall my step-grandfather in Suffolk
being completely at home with the expression.

Just chipping in my tuppence-ha'penny,

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