From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 16:03:38 2002

>Since it was cheap, I snagged an AppleVision monitor/speaker combo today.
>What systems will support it? I figure I'll find one eventually.
>It's only a small risk at $3.95.

If it is one with the AppleVision plug (HDI-45, this kind of rectangular
plug with lots of pins in it), then only the 6100, 7100 and 8100 support
it directly IIRC.

However, there is an adaptor out there to break out the cable to its RGB
plug, mic, speaker, and ADB, so you can plug it into any of the other

Also, the last series of AV monitors weren't true AppleVision monitors,
and only had the standard RGB plug, if you have one of those, than any
color mac EXCEPT the 6100, 7100, or 8100 should support it (those 3 will
support it IF they have the optional RGB card installed, or if you have
the HDI-45 to RGB pigtail).


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