From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 16:20:47 2002

You mean it'll work with the older mac's? It has a "normal" (for MAC's) video
cable, and its model number is 1710AV. It has what appears to be
pass-through's for the mouse and for a mike, that funny thing that looks like
the USB symbol but isn't, and a couple of other thingies, but it's only a 16"
diagonal visible (not viewable) screen so I don't think it's supposed to be a
17", though you never know these days.

I'll have to run out and snag a cheap mac and see what it does. I saw a
Quadra 650 or something on that order for $5 earlier today. It had a part of
the front face missing, else I'd have probably looked inside.


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> >Since it was cheap, I snagged an AppleVision monitor/speaker combo today.
> >What systems will support it? I figure I'll find one eventually.
> >
> >It's only a small risk at $3.95.
> If it is one with the AppleVision plug (HDI-45, this kind of rectangular
> plug with lots of pins in it), then only the 6100, 7100 and 8100 support
> it directly IIRC.
> However, there is an adaptor out there to break out the cable to its RGB
> plug, mic, speaker, and ADB, so you can plug it into any of the other
> Macs.
> Also, the last series of AV monitors weren't true AppleVision monitors,
> and only had the standard RGB plug, if you have one of those, than any
> color mac EXCEPT the 6100, 7100, or 8100 should support it (those 3 will
> support it IF they have the optional RGB card installed, or if you have
> the HDI-45 to RGB pigtail).
> -chris
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