From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 17:19:54 2002

>You mean it'll work with the older mac's? It has a "normal" (for MAC's)
>cable, and its model number is 1710AV.

I just checked the tech manual for the 1710AV, it indeed has the standard
RGB plug, so you should be good to go with just about any mac that has an
RGB port. Some of the older ones will only be able to display in 640x480
resolution, but the Q650 you are looking into will do higher.

If you want the PDF of the manual, let me know, I'll send it to you
offlist. It's about 3.6MB, has some interesting notes about repair
problems with that model (Apple even has/had a repair extension program
in place for some of it)

>It has what appears to be
>pass-through's for the mouse and for a mike, that funny thing that looks like
>the USB symbol but isn't

That's the ADB port. Predates USB by some time. The idea was you could
run one cable bundle from the screen to the Mac, and then be able to plug
the keyboard and mic into the screen (mouse would be connected to the
keyboard's ADB port).

>but it's only a 16"
>diagonal visible (not viewable) screen so I don't think it's supposed to be a
>17", though you never know these days.

It is listed as a 17" with 16.1" viewable image size. Although, it was
made back in the day when apple was a little less than honest with their
screen sizes (before they were sued over it), so who knows what it really

>I saw a
>Quadra 650 or something on that order for $5 earlier today. It had a part of
>the front face missing, else I'd have probably looked inside.

Probably missing the CD bezel. Most likely it was stripped of the CD
before being junked. If the CD is missing, verify that the rest of the
system is there, who knows what else was pulled.


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