From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 17:38:28 2002

Yes, I've got the thing attached to that Performa I just bought. The Quadra
was already gone but since I have a little history with the Performa 630CD I'm
not disappointed.

It's playing a CD right now, and the display has been adjusted almost to my
complete satisfaction. I don't like that the brightness and contrast are
turned up so far, though.

This, for the few bucks it cost, gives me a very different view of the Mac.
I'd never seen one with a decent size display on it before the Performa's I
bought last year before the Holidays. This one is even better, and I like the
way in which it simply "goes" without any real extensive fiddling. It took me
a moment to figure out how to work the CRT controls, and getting the CD to
play took another moment or two. I may keep this one, though. It's pretty
handy and I like the CD it's playing ... some of those Linda Ronstadt latin
numbers, (this one's a collection of Latin dance numbers called "Frenesi'")
which, for some reason, I find very energizing ... The fact I've got a mild
buzz going is a factor as well, however. (I've been more or less
"off-the-sauce" for a number of years, and someone from my deep, dark past
recently gave me a case of beer for helping him out, so I've been consuming
'em one or two at a time. If I drink two in an hour's time, I'm on my way

It might be well to note that I generally go out of my way to keep the
sound/noise out of my computers, even to the extent of unplugging the speaker
that normally provides the "beep" when the software tells it to complain. I
also "bed" the moving components in soft silastic foam in order to reduce the
vibration noise from disk drives, fans, etc. I've had CPU-cooler fans that
made entirely too much noise. My feeling is that if you can hear it with a
stethoscope, it's too loud.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a MAC once it's running. I
have a walkman, and several CD players, so I don't need it for that ...


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> >You mean it'll work with the older mac's? It has a "normal" (for MAC's)
> >video
> >cable, and its model number is 1710AV.
> I just checked the tech manual for the 1710AV, it indeed has the standard
> RGB plug, so you should be good to go with just about any mac that has an
> RGB port. Some of the older ones will only be able to display in 640x480
> resolution, but the Q650 you are looking into will do higher.
> If you want the PDF of the manual, let me know, I'll send it to you
> offlist. It's about 3.6MB, has some interesting notes about repair
> problems with that model (Apple even has/had a repair extension program
> in place for some of it)
> >It has what appears to be
> >pass-through's for the mouse and for a mike, that funny thing that looks
> >the USB symbol but isn't
> That's the ADB port. Predates USB by some time. The idea was you could
> run one cable bundle from the screen to the Mac, and then be able to plug
> the keyboard and mic into the screen (mouse would be connected to the
> keyboard's ADB port).
> >but it's only a 16"
> >diagonal visible (not viewable) screen so I don't think it's supposed to be
> >17", though you never know these days.
> It is listed as a 17" with 16.1" viewable image size. Although, it was
> made back in the day when apple was a little less than honest with their
> screen sizes (before they were sued over it), so who knows what it really
> has.
> >I saw a
> >Quadra 650 or something on that order for $5 earlier today. It had a part
> >the front face missing, else I'd have probably looked inside.
> Probably missing the CD bezel. Most likely it was stripped of the CD
> before being junked. If the CD is missing, verify that the rest of the
> system is there, who knows what else was pulled.
> -chris
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