From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 17:42:37 2002

Well, I won't get too attached to it, then.

It's an impressive package, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there
are quality problems. Apple Computer Co. always impressed me as being
entirely too willing to compromise the quality of MY hardware/software, and
the security of my data, in favor of their profits. Did they ever come up
with a remedy for the problems? Is there a recall?


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> On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> > Well, I went out and bought a Performa630CD just about like those that I
> > say, I'm impressed with that little touch.
> >
> > The Apple folks have had better "human engineering" than anybody else has,
> > over the years since the MAC's came out, but this is just about the
> I agree. From a usability standpoint, the 1710AV was light-years
> ahead of the rest of the market. Unfortunately, however...
> > Any suggestions?
> had terrible QC problems. It's a tossup which was the less reliable
> product: the 1710AV, or the PowerBook 5300. Check out some of the
> you-had-to-be-there rants about this monitor in Google Groups
> (comp.sys.macintosh.*)
> ok
> r.
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