From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 17:42:11 2002

>When I adjust the brightness upward, it goes up for a moment, then
>suddenly there's considerable pincushioning and the vertical dimension goes
>down a mite, say 10%. When I adjust the pincushion, the pincushion goes away
>immediately, though I've not adjusted anything, and the image size goes back
>to what it was, but it's dim again.

Doesn't really match any of the repair notes in the tech manual. Although
there is a comment about CRT Arcing, and to turn off the unit, unplug the
power cord and ADB cable from the monitor, wait 10 seconds, hook it all
back up, and power it up. Problem should be gone.... but like I said, it
isn't exactly the same thing as you are describing, so that might not do
squat for you.

Rather it sounds more like the brightness control might be dying. Maybe a
bad cap or something (I'm not an EE, so I defer to someone with more
knowledge in these things than me).


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