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Date: Tue Apr 30 22:15:06 2002

Please don't refer to models I don't recognize ... I'm a linear thinker when
I'm trying to solve a small highly localized problem. Right now I'm looking
to solve the problem with the Performa 630CD (I went out and bought another of
them since this afternoon, though I had to pay $5 for this one, and it works,
too.) since I have a little hands-on time with those.

Now we've got Localtalk and Appletalk ... What are they and which is which?


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> Dick,
> > One thing that I've wondered is how one gets an old MAC to talk on the
> > Ethernet when it's a mixed environment with Netware and Windows NT
servers. I
> > know Netware has a provision for MAC namespace, but I've only seen one
> > ethernet-capable MAC, which leaves me wondering how folks who use MACs
> > an ethernet interface.
> >
> > What do you know about that?
> For Localtalk Macs, you have a few choices.
> 1) Some models, like the SE/30, had internal slots in which an Ethernet
> could be installed. These are, however, rare and somewhat pricey.
> 2) There are ethernet adapters available that hang off the SCSI port. These
> are quite proprietary, and can be hard to find software for.
> 3) You can use a Mac running Localtalk Gateway software for a router.
> that Mac must have a localtalk and ethernet interface.
> 4) You can buy standalone boxes like the Shiva Fastpath that handle routing
> Localtalk to Ethertalk. These generally work rather well, and can be found
> cheaply on Ebay. I use a Fastpath 5 for my Mac network, and it's not failed
> me. Locating and configuring the software is the biggest hurdle; I've
> an archive of information at
> .
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