Localtalk and Appletalk

From: Tarsi <tarsi_at_binhost.com>
Date: Tue Apr 30 22:56:35 2002

> Now we've got Localtalk and Appletalk ... What are they and which is which?

APPLETALK - Apple's proprietary networking protocol. Used on a multitude of
network architectures. Intro to it HERE:

LOCALTALK - One of many networking topologies on which to deploy Appletalk.
Localtalk is one of Apple's proprietary ones. You connect machines via
Localtalk cables or something like PhoneNET, which translates Localtalk to
run over normal POTS phone lines (on the outside pair (usually black and

There is also TokenTalk (Tokenring), FDDITalk (FDDI), and others. Appletalk
can run over Ethernet fine (EtherTALK), you just have to get it there.
(Through a bridge if you have a LocalTalk network, or if you have an Ethernet
card in a Mac, it'll just talk Appletalk over Ethernet).

Appletalk traffic can also be routed if it's encapsulated inside IP, using
Appletalk-IP-encapsulation (the Linux kernel supports encap and decap of

But normally you don't have to do this, as most Macs can speak TCP/IP (which
does all your Internet stuffs) and for sharing files with other Macs uses

Netatalk, the linux software package, lets Linux talk Appletalk and do file
sharing for Macs (similar to how Samba does filesharing for Windows on Linux).

Quite sexy.

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