From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 22:53:01 2002

>I don't remember seeing any slots for "cards" of any sort when I had the box

It has a Comm Slot 1 and an LC PDS slot, both right on the slide out
motherboard. The Comm Slot looks a bit like a PCI slot, and the LC slot
looks more like that NuBus slot (long retange with rows of pin holes).

There is also a video in/out slot, that will look like a tiny card edge
connector slot.

>I just discarded a MAC (Nubus)
>ethernet card. I figured I'd come to regret it, though I'm not sure it would
>have made any difference.

Nope, couldn't have used that on the 630 anyway.

>the video card, which, I think, is a pretty typical MAC
>video board.

>From a IIx, if it was color, probably the 8*24GC, fairly standard card
for the day.

>It's a serious security problem to use TCP/IP on a lan if one has an internet
>connection. My LAN uses Netbeui and IPX/SPX. There's got to be a way ...

If you are doing file/print sharing, I would use AppleTalk if possible.
The key is can any of the servers you are running speak appletalk. (NT4,
Win2k, Netware...). AppleTalk isn't the most secure protocol as far as
packet sniffing is concerned... but very few internet routers will route
it, so it is a fairly safe bet that the traffic will not go beyond your
lan (as your internet router box will most likely ignore the packets and
not pass them along).

Appletalk has the added advantage of just working. It finds its own node
address, and sniffs out the network by itself. Pretty much turn it on,
and it works. It doesn't get much easier than AppleTalk.

Downside is, it tends to be a bit chatty, and it isn't real fast (usually
about 4Mb/s on a 10Mb network is the best you will get. AppleTalk of
TCP/IP is much faster, but then you run the same risks you do for any
TCP/IP traffic)

>Is there a "slick" way to exploit hardware that's already in the Performa

Eh... not really. There are software things you can run to route
Localtalk (built in to all macs since the 512kE IIRC, definitly since the
Plus) to Ethernet... but somewhere you will still need the hardware
connection to go to Ethernet.

But you should be able to lay your hands on an LC Ethernet card for the
630 with ease, and fairly cheap. Worst case, if you don't find one local,
let me know, I can probably turn up a spare and let you have it for a
song (read: probably free + shipping depending on how fast you need it,
my time schedule, and how many I have kicking around)


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