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Date: Thu Aug 1 08:24:00 2002

Speaking of odd screen widths, the Osborne I was 52 characters wide. With
the 80-column upgrade, you could also get 104 characters on the Osborne's
tiny screen. (Using 60-character lines in WordStar, the screen would
jump-scroll whenever you reached the last part of a line -- a rea PITA.
Until I got the 80-column upgrade, I would write using a 50-character line
and reformat to 60 before printing.)

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> Certainly, screen dimensions were modelled after punched cards: There
> were 80 columns on a punched card, and once everybody was used to that
> line length, it was an obvious choice to make the screen just as wide -
> except for a couple of clever guys who made the screen 64 columns wide,
> which happens to be a power of two.

I've seen 132 column screens too (why 132???) but did anyone ever try to
make a 128 column screen (or printer)? It would seem to be a logical size
to make it, but I've never seen one.

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