Mac SE/30's available (was Re: Anyone using their old Mac?)

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 13:21:01 2002

>One disturbing trend nowdays is that 99% of the computers
>come with out any software or manuals. Sure you can get that
>machine for $10 but if the OS is bad or you want to install
>software you are out of luck.

True on a general note, but at least with the SE/30 referenced, you can
get System 6.0.8 from Apple's web site, as well as System 7.5.3 (and the
.5 updater). Which means, really, you can fairly easily get that SE/30
resetup with an OS.

And then there is NetBSD which runs on the SE/30 pretty happily (or so I
have been told... personally, every time I get to the point of booting,
something else on my SE/30 breaks, no fault of NetBSD... just a nasty
string of coincidence). NetBSD is of course a free download as well.

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