Anyone using their old Mac?

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 14:54:01 2002

>ISTR doing that with MacTCP 1.x (an addon install, not included
>in System 6) and a SCSI<->Ethernet box. I'm fairly certain that
>the ethernet box came with System 6 drivers, but if someone here
>knows that it flat-out can't be done, then I'm probably mistaken.
>I have never tried it with dial-up, if that's what you mean.

I don't recall if I have ever personally done it... but I see no reason
it CAN'T be done. There are MacTCP drivers for System 6, and at least the
Asante SCSI->Ethernet box has System 6 drivers available.

There are also System 6 drivers for the Farallon Etherwave
localtalk->ethernet adaptor, however, the Etherwave doesn't support
TCP/IP (limit of the Appletalk, not of the etherwave), so you have to use
MacIP (TCP/IP wrapped in AppleTalk), and a MacIP to TCP/IP bridge (like
IPNetRouter running on another Mac). And again, I see no reason it can't
be done.

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