OT: Digital Watch Recommendations?

From: Kent Borg <kentborg_at_borg.org>
Date: Thu Aug 1 14:52:01 2002

On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 11:19:12AM -0500, Bill Richman wrote:
> This is entirely OT, but since we're probably all gadget freaks here

Let me ask a related question that is a little bit more on topic for
being about something old.

Does anyone here remember the following watch:

  - Frequently had full page ad in Science News, early 80s I think it

  - top (face) of watch was solar cell;

  - front endge of watch was LED display that was dark unless you
    pressed a button;

  - guts were potted and sealed;

  - control was through magnetic switchs, preserving seal;

  - and for the really cool feature, the precise speed at which the
    watch ran could be trimmed as a soft configuration setting.

Ring any bells?

-kb, the Kent who couldn't afford it then but maybe could now, if he
could find one.
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