Infocom Interpreters for the 6502 (was Re: Anyone using their old Mac?)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 15:48:01 2002

--- Eric Smith <> wrote:
> Ethan Dicks <> wrote:
> > We moved individual sectors of Infocom's Sorcerer on top
> > of a backup copy of Enchanter because I had Enchanter for the C-64 and
> > not Sorcerer. Once we worked out the sector skew for the game engine,
> > it worked fine.
> I doubt anyone cares about it now, but I finally scanned a listing of
> my commented reverse-engineered source code to the Apple ][ interpreter
> and put a PDF file on my web site:

_I_ care! I reverse-engineered and mostly commented the C-64
interpreter. Haven't posted it yet. Mine is live source that
compiles byte-exact (including cruft!)

I even added conditionals to support versions for the VIC-20
(with lots of RAM - tested under VICE) and the PET (32K Basic 2.0
PET, also tested under VICE until I can repair my old 2001).

I'm holding back the source until I fix the BASIC 4.0 bug (I
think I am reusing a zero-page location that is being whacked
by $FFD2 or the "editor" routines in the $E000 ROM. If I knew
which one it was, I'd modify my zero-page usage. I haven't
had time in the past few years to put the finishing touches on
this, but it's on my ever-growing list...

Binaries at:


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