OT: Digital Watch Recommendations?

From: Sellam Ismail <foo_at_siconic.com>
Date: Thu Aug 1 15:51:00 2002

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Kent Borg wrote:

> Does anyone here remember the following watch:
> - Frequently had full page ad in Science News, early 80s I think it
> was;
> - top (face) of watch was solar cell;
> - front endge of watch was LED display that was dark unless you
> pressed a button;
> - guts were potted and sealed;
> - control was through magnetic switchs, preserving seal;
> - and for the really cool feature, the precise speed at which the
> watch ran could be trimmed as a soft configuration setting.
> Ring any bells?

No, but this reminds me of the coolest watch I ever had. It had two
analog dials on the front as well as a digital readout. It was cool
watching the analog dials spin around when you were resetting it for doing
stop-watch functions. But here's the kicker: it had a temperature sensor
on it and could tell you the temperature as well! Fairly useless, but for
a 14 year old kid it was the coolest effen watch ever. I actually bought
it during a trip to Syria, and when I got back home some doofus at my
school coveted it and so went and found the same watch a couple weeks
later. I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but that's
just lame.

Anyway, it sits disassembled in a baggie somewhere (I think right behind
me on a shelf actually...nope, just the band; well anyway, it's somewhere)
after I tried to replace the battery and my complete impatience and
inability to get it back together again conspired to relegate it to the
scrap heap. One day I'll find it and get it working again. BTW, I'm
pretty sure it was a Casio.

These days I prefer a cell phone with a time readout.

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