Before I Ebay....

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Sat Aug 3 03:23:45 2002

Sorry to spam a for sale, but I wanted to offer this to the group before

Times are getting a little tight, so I have to part with some non-Atari
items, so I am making my Corvus Concept 68000 based computer available for

The system is in excellent cosmetic shape, comes with main unit, Coruvs
keyboard and special Landscape/Potrait Monitor. System is perfect
operational shape and does attempt to boot up, but requires an Omninet Hard
Drive with the Corvus OS installed onto it. The full Corvus manual is on
Al Kossow's site for reference.

If someone is really into exotic hardware, then this is a must have system,
very few Concepts were made and very few are in the hands of collectors...
Okay, enough with the cheesy sales-pitch, Email me if interested.

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