Klez HELP ! (don't open if in any format) was Re: HEADERS?

From: Rick Murphy <rmurphy_at_itm-inst.com>
Date: Sat Aug 3 09:46:01 2002

At 04:14 AM 8/3/02 -0500, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> Interestingly, my reply to this message was rejected by the original
> sender
>and consigned to the monkeys.com blackhole list. A Kaspersky schill ?

Geez, I try to help and suddenly I'm a shill? Especially when
*EVERYTHING* I sent to you was correct and accurate. Most of your
responses to being infected with this virus - if you even HAVE one -
has been to try to find others to blame. I do not work for anyone
associated in any way with any antivirus product.

As to why your reply to me was bounced, your mail server -
smtp2.mts.net - is listed in the monkeys open FormMail list. This means
that your ISP is or was running a formmail.pl script on that server
that has been used to send spam.

>Even tho you're paranoid doesn't mean that the bastards aren't out to get

I resent being characterized as a "bastard" and a "shill" simply
because I attempted to help you. Lawrence, welcome to my "never try to
help this guy again" list.
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