The guy who threw out the 11/70 (was: Vax 8600 on Ebay)

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Sat Aug 3 22:11:01 2002

> > Speaking of which, this week I talked to someone that threw out a
> > PDP-11/70 as they couldn't find anyone that would take it. I told him that
> > if I'd known I'm sure someone here would probably be interested.
> Where did he throw it out at? Is there any chance he can un-throw it?

No. It is gone.

> He deserves a big bonk on the head. Of course someone would be interested.
> That someone is me and probably about half the list, which is over 200
> people if you count the lurkers!

He tried to find someone to take it, for free, for several
months. Unfortunately he didn't have the room to store it
any longer. He didn't know about this list, but he does now,
and he's going to be joining in the next couple of days.

I don't doubt he couldn't find anyone. A couple of months ago
I posted about the HSCxx controllers and drives, and nobody
has wanted to go to pick them up. They'll end up getting
thrown out, too, if someone doesn't pick them up in the next
Eric Dittman
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