Some Great Finds Today

From: Keys <>
Date: Sat Aug 3 22:16:00 2002

Picked up the following while out with the wife and one of daughters:
1. Siemens T1000 telex with paper tape punch/reader, it needs some work to bring it back to life. Talked the guy down to $10 for it at the thrift. Anyone know were I can get some technical information on this unit, I tried google with no luck?
2. Burroughs C3660 calculator works great but did not get any of the program cards or manuals for it. Got it for $4.34
3. Some TTL Data Books from 1985.
4. Two HuCards for the TurboGrafx 16 console SplatterHouse and SideArms.
5. Panasonic R.E.A.L 3DO console with one controller for $15. It's a model FZ-1
6. A bunch of books and various cables.

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