The guy who threw out the 11/70 (was: Vax 8600 on Ebay)

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sun Aug 4 12:04:02 2002

I tried for several months to give away a Vax 11/780 and a couple of
tons (literally) of DEC equipment including a pair of 11/34's with
enough spare parts to built a couple of other 11/34's. The whole lot
went to the scrapper. Of course this was in 1998-1999, but it was all
available for free pickup near Dallas. The sad thing was that the whole
lot had just been decommsioned and was a couple of months off a
DEC/Compaq service contract. There were a couple of pickup loads of
manuals and a large raised floor computer room with modular half glass
walls, a Liebert A/C unit and a Liebert UPS/power conditioner included.
  All of the software backup tapes were included. There were racks and
racks of tapes. I didn't have storage space and I'm not into large
systems anyway, so it was finally scrapped. This was all located at a
LOF Automotive glass plant in Sherman, TX.

  I also had a HP 3000 setup with disk drives, a 9 track tape unit and a
lot of terminals, but no takers, so that one was scrapped also. It was
at a former Kraft vegetable oil refinery in Sherman. When that plant
was shutdown last year, there were 25-30 original Compaq '486 machine s
in original configuration and 10-20 IBM 64k cassette port PC's in the
attic of the QA lab. They had already scrapped a big IBM unit called a
System 7. I remember cabling for the System 7 in around 1973-74.


Eric Dittman wrote:

>>>He tried to find someone to take it, for free, for several
>>>months. Unfortunately he didn't have the room to store it
>>>any longer. He didn't know about this list, but he does now,
>>>and he's going to be joining in the next couple of days.
>>The minute that he arrives, EVERYBODY needs to post about WANTING
one, and
>>being willing to pay megabucks!
>>If the first thing that he sees is demand and value for them, then he
>>won't do it again.
>I guess you didn't read that he tried for *SEVERAL MONTHS* to
>give the 11/70 away, and nobody would take it. He wouldn't
>have tossed it if someone would have taken it.
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