The guy who threw out the 11/70 (was: Vax 8600 on Ebay)

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Sun Aug 4 17:06:03 2002

On Sunday, August 4, 2002, James Rice wrote:

> I tried for several months to give away a Vax 11/780 and a couple of tons
> (literally) of DEC equipment including a pair of 11/34's ... in 1998-1999,
> but it was all available for free pickup near Dallas ... manuals and a
> large raised floor computer room with modular half glass walls ... racks
> and racks of tapes.

That's just a short drive away!
If only I had been on the list back then.

For the love of $deity, if anything like this pops up again, *post* it. The
list has at least doubled in size since then. I'm sure *someone* would come
get it, especially if it's in the DFW area {wink}.

Jeffrey Sharp
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