The guy who threw out the 11/70 (was: Vax 8600 on Ebay)

From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Sun Aug 4 17:01:01 2002

This is very true. Sometimes the deadlines are very capricious and
unrealistic. I dislike having to move a truckload of material on a day's
notice or less.

On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, Megan wrote:

> >I tried for several months to give away a Vax 11/780 and a couple of
> >tons (literally) of DEC equipment including a pair of 11/34's with
> >enough spare parts to built a couple of other 11/34's. The whole lot
> >went to the scrapper. Of course this was in 1998-1999, but it was all
> >available for free pickup near Dallas. The sad thing was that the whole
> >lot had just been decommsioned and was a couple of months off a
> >DEC/Compaq service contract. There were a couple of pickup loads of
> >manuals and a large raised floor computer room with modular half glass
> >walls, a Liebert A/C unit and a Liebert UPS/power conditioner included.
> > All of the software backup tapes were included. There were racks and
> >racks of tapes. I didn't have storage space and I'm not into large
> >systems anyway, so it was finally scrapped. This was all located at a
> >LOF Automotive glass plant in Sherman, TX.
> Aha.. this is probably one of those cases where it all had to go, or
> none of it could. Companies decommissioning sites typically have this
> problem since they are not equipped to have people show up and take
> parts of an installation... They are also probably under time constraints
> to have the hardware out.
> This is what happened a couple of years ago with a DECsystem-10
> installation in cambridge. I was contacted because a friend of
> the site knew I was interested in a -10... what I found out was
> that they had three -10s and other hardware, and it all had to
> go at one time, and by a certain time. If I hadn't found a team
> of people who were willing to take parts of the site and help
> load/unload, it would have gone to the crushers as well.
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