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From: David Woyciesjes <DAW_at_yalepress3.unipress.yale.edu>
Date: Tue Aug 6 08:48:00 2002

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram [mailto:RMeenaks_at_OLF.COM]

Hi Thilo,
..... SOrry about the HTML, its outlooks fault...

        FYI - I just looked here in my Outlook 2000. If you go into the
Tools menu, select Options, then click on the Mail Format tab, at the top
you should see an option that says "See in this message format:" There you
can select Plain Text. But that doesn't change the format when you're
replying to a message.
        And/or, if your creating/replying to a message, if you go into the
Format menu (in the same message composition window) you can change it to
Plain Text for that specific message.
        I use Outlook for composing messages. If your using Word to compose
the e-mail, I suggest you change that in the "Tools - Options - Mail Format"
        If you have a specific question about this, e-mail me directly. :)

        Personally, I feel that if you use common sense, Outlook can be
_almost_ as safe as Pine. Too bad it's Microsoft that's developing and
supporting it.

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