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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Tue Aug 6 14:53:00 2002

On Tue, 6 Aug 2002, Tony Duell wrote:

> > Ob Classiccmp: How many non-wintel laptops are on-topic? My SPARCbook2
> > fits the bill I believe, are there any others? Not even clones or
> > nearly-clones, but honest-to-goodness Alternative Architectures?
> Tandy M100, M102, M200. Olivetti M10. And whatever the Kyocera version
> was called. (OK, they contain an 8085 CPU, which was originally an Intel
> design, but I don't think that's the normal meaning of 'Wintel')
> Epson HX20, PX4, PX8, etc. The first contains a pair of 6301-type CPUs
> IIRC (I don't feel like running upstairs to check the technical manual).
> The latter 2 machines ran CP/M and presumably had a Z80-like CPU.
> HP110 (Portable), Portable +. More arguable. They contain an 80C86
> processor and run MS-DOS. But they are in no sense PC clones. No part of
> the I/O structure is even close to that in a PC. The BIOS is not
> compatible with the PC BIOS either as far as I am aware. I wouldn't call
> them clones.
> HP75. It's arguable if this is a laptop, or a notebook, or what. It's a
> large pocket computer, running BASIC. 1 line LCD display. The processor
> is an HP Capricorn, so it's certainly not Wintel. I think it's fair to
> say that the HP71B is not a laptop (for all it's a very nice pocket
> computer).
> Was the first Mac Laptop released before 1992 (which would make it
> on-topic here)?

1989 if my factoidal memory cells are functioning properly.

Also add to the list:

Teleram 3000 circa 1983 (Z80, bubble-memory)
Convergent Technologies WorkSlate circa 1983 (Hitachi 6303 (6800))
(Can't think of any others right now but I'm sure there are many)

And because they will fit on your lap, all the Sharp/Radio Shack
handhelds, and the Panasonic HHC.

P.S. The Kyocera version of the RS M100 was called simply the "Kyocera

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