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From: Jason McBrien <jbmcb_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Aug 7 07:58:00 2002

MessageA the University of Michigan property depot they are disposing of a
half dozen or so "half-height" 19" DEC racks, the kind MicroVAX II's came in
(about enough height for three RA-8x disks) as well as two full height
racks. They are mostly empty, some have power controllers inside (not taking
up space) and a couple have a bunch of network hardware inside (looks like a
serial controller with a few racks of modems) $25 for each rack. Get 'em
before it rains as they're outside. I picked up:

-A NRI(?) SCSI tower with an IBM/Exabyte tape drive, IBM CD-ROM drive, and
1GB HD (Probably for an RS/6000)
-A NEC 3x external SCSI CD-ROM drive, from back when they knew how to make a
  drive (Dust latch, front panel LCD + volume + play controls, lots of SCSI
-A Cisco Sun FDDI-SBUS card for someone on this list (Please e-mail me again
and I'll send it to you)

Also picked up an Atari ST-520 with 3.5" external floppy for $2.50 from the
Detroit Salvation Army main branch dungeon. Really, it's a dungeon,
underneath their main store downtown. Lots of big, wierd printers for those
who collect electromechanical stuff. And from John King books (best used
bookstore I've seen anywhere) I got the 1984 Personal Computer Sourcebook,
which I'll be posting summaries from shortly.. (lists the PCjr as the "IBM
Peanut" :)
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