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From: Huw Davies <Huw.Davies_at_kerberos.davies.net.au>
Date: Wed Aug 7 07:21:01 2002

At 01:18 AM 7/08/2002 -0700, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> >You can open a file to append, in which case the version number isn't
> >changed. Of course, typical VMS applications open the log file and never
> >close it and assuming you code it correctly, other applications can read
> >the log file.
>Unfortuantly at least version 1.9 of Samba (yeah, I know it's ancient, but
>it works for me) has the bad habit of creating a LOT of log files. I
>finally ended up creating a batch job to clean up after it.

Without appearing to have a go at the Samba team (they do a great job and I
use Samba
every day), it's a typical problem when Unix software is "ported" to VMS.
all that happens is enough changes are made to make something work without
making it
VMS friendly. Hopefully with some of the work that is currently going on in
HP to make
VMS have the same API as Solaris will make more applications available and
also work
more like their Unix counterparts.

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