PDP 11/70, XXDP diagnostics & OT question

From: The Wanderer <quapla_at_xs4all.nl>
Date: Sun Aug 11 08:27:00 2002

Hello All,

Well, finally I have my 11/70 fully running. The last problem I had was
due to a
faulty cable (wire?) in one of the address cables going to the address
buffer of
the MOS box.

I can now boot XXDP from an RL02, but unfortunately, my overview of
diagnostic routines is not covering the 11/70.

Is there someone who has the names of the diags I can execute to
validate the

I also tried to boot RT11 (5.05) but this does not come further than
doing a few
I/O's before the machne stops. I know it isn't supported, but if I'm not
it may run anyway?

Another question, more or less OT, is there someone who kan help me with
Texas Instruments adapter/charger for a TI-59 (red led, magnetic card
reader etc),
preferable 220V, but 110V will do too.


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