PDP 11/70, XXDP diagnostics & OT question

From: Johnny Billquist <bqt_at_update.uu.se>
Date: Thu Aug 15 09:44:01 2002

On Sun, 11 Aug 2002, The Wanderer wrote:

> Hello All,
> Well, finally I have my 11/70 fully running. The last problem I had was
> due to a
> faulty cable (wire?) in one of the address cables going to the address
> buffer of the MOS box.


> I can now boot XXDP from an RL02, but unfortunately, my overview of
> executable diagnostic routines is not covering the 11/70.
> Is there someone who has the names of the diags I can execute to
> validate the machine?

Let's see...

DEKBA, DEKBB (CPU diagnostics part 1 and 2)
DEKBC, DEKBD (Cache diagnostics part 1 and 2)
DEKBE (Memory Management Diagnostic)
DEKBF (Unibus Map Diagnostic)
DEKBG (Power-Fail Test)
DEQKC (11/70 Instruction Exerciser)
DEMJA (PDP-11/70 Memory Test)
CEMKAA (PDP-11/70 Memory Diagnostic)


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