TI-59 question

From: Doug Jackson <doug_jackson_at_citadel.com.au>
Date: Tue Aug 13 21:40:01 2002


I live is Australia, and have a 120V adapter for the TI-58/59 calc that I do
not need.

If you (or anybody elso on the list would like it, please let me know. (The
postage cost would be minimal (probably $20 Aus).


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> Ed,
> >If you want to depart with the described items, I can surely
> use them. Some
> >parts of the calculator are good for spares like the pack,
> the reader and the
> >housing.
> Oops. I apologise, Ed, I was very imprecise with what I
> wrote. I meant most
> of the description as background to explain why I *might*
> have a spare 110V
> power supply. I'll search for the power supply tonight; if I
> can find it,
> postage to you (Nederlands?) will be all I'll want for it.
> The rest of the
> gear, I still hope to return to service one day. Admittedly
> I'm not making
> very good progress - there are two printers in the queue
> ahead of it and
> they have been there the better part of a year now - but I'd
> still like to
> keep it for now, at least. If I do decide to get rid of it,
> you get first
> dibs.
> Sipke, *great* site. I also have some user-documentation-type
> stuff for the
> machine. Let me know if you need scans or whatever.
> Anybody know a good source for tabbed AA size ni-cads to
> replace the ones
> in the battery pack?
> - Mark

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