Microsoft vs Lindows

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Wed Aug 14 07:34:01 2002

>Eric Smith wrote:

> Anyhow, even though this usage of windows on a computer display dates
> back to mid-1977, it's fairly clear that other such uses existed in
> the 1960s.

Jerome Fine replies:

I remember using XTREE GOLD on a 286 under DOS 3.2 or some
such. If I remember correctly, I was able to display multiple maps
on the screen at the same time - while it was in the same program,
the concept was certainly the same. I don't have ANY documentation
from the program and the old 286 is buried at this point in a corner
of the room (in any case I don't think the monitor works any longer).

It seem to me that there are so many aspects of Windows type applications
and concepts being used prior to Windows under DOS that only a corrupt
court could possibly rule against Lindows. But with so much corruption
in US business, I don't have much hope that the courts have not been
infected. The real problem seems to me to be the power that M$ has
in the field and that many people depend on M$ to do well.

Is this thread being sent to Lindow.

I like the idea of all the other words ending in "indow" being set up
as web sites. Send this to Lindow as well. Are any taken as yet?

Finally, TSX-PLUS also had a "Window" capability on a serial terminal
like a VT100/VT220/etc. BUT, it did not allow overlapping portions
from different files, etc. since the terminal was only a text output and
overlapping would not have gained very much. To switch from one
task to another, the user used "<CTRL/W>n". TSX-PLUS took care
of saving the screen for each task.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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