Microsoft vs Lindows

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Date: Wed Aug 14 10:37:00 2002

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>>Eric Smith wrote:
>> Anyhow, even though this usage of windows on a computer display dates
>> back to mid-1977, it's fairly clear that other such uses existed in
>> the 1960s.
>Jerome Fine replies:
>I remember using XTREE GOLD on a 286 under DOS 3.2 or some

   What about WindowDOS? I've used it for years. It not only uses windows, it also calls them windows and includes windows as part of it's name. I've used it for so long that my manual is shredded and I can't find a date in what's left of it.

   ALSO what about SideKick? The manual that I have says that "Sidekick makes full use of windows," etc etc. The manual that I have is dated 1984 and is version 1.5 so there are older versions.
   ALSO what about the the XEROX Star article that appeared in Scientific American? I can't recall if they specificly used the word "windows" but they clearly showed and explained the concept. There were also pictures in the article that showed "windows" in use. IIRC it appeared in the late '70s or very early '80s. I used to have that issue but gave it away.

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