Need help finding old IBM PC game

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Thu Aug 15 11:36:32 2002

I am trying to help someone find a game that apparently shipped with the
IBM PC. Below is the description.

First of all thank you very much for offering to help. This game is a
crossing between mastermind and trivial pursuit.The graphics were
extremely simple, similar to the mastermind board. The purpose of the
game was to guess or identify a famous person or event?with the fewest
hints or clues given. The lesser hints needed the more points scored,
and I think there were up to 5 (I'm not so sure about the actual number)
clues given, if unable to recognize the identity, well, your score
wasn?t very high and you were given the right answer and passed on to
the next clue. e.g.
1. shot from behind during the performance of Our American Cousin
and then hints no.2, 3, 4 & 5?would be even more obvious, gradually
disclosing more information in the?following clues.?
So this game is different, because in similar games you know the
character or the event and you just have to choose a correct answer
among four or five options, so there is not much of a challenge, you end
up guessing, not identifying which makes it much more interesting.
It was a preloaded software game included in the brand new IBM pcs here
in Mexico during the mid 90's. It was called "Pistas" , Spanish word
for?"clues" or "hints". ??I tried contacting IBM, both here in Mexico
and USA, but unless I give them exact model (and almost serial number)
of the machine I saw it in, they cannot help me. Unfortunately, I didn't
pay much attention to the pc itself since I came across this game a lot
in demo pcs all over town. I never imagined they would suddenly stop
using it , and when I called them, it simply got me nowhere.
Any idea what game this person is talking about?  And if so, anyone know
where to get a copy?
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