Old Sun (& SGI) Equipment Available [Last Call]

From: Bill Gunshannon <bill_at_cs.scranton.edu>
Date: Thu Aug 15 11:36:47 2002

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Bill Gunshannon wrote:

Will no one save this stuff from the dumpster?? Amazing!

Oh well, anything not claimed by next week goes out. A shame to see
these classics go that way, but the boss says we can't afford the
space to store them.

  I have SparcStation 1's
  I have SparcServer 330's
  and even a Sun4/something that was in a 7' high rack and includes a
  9 track tape drive (which worked quite well the last time I used it.)
  A SparcPrinter (sometimes it has a problem picking up paper, but this
  is usually just dirty rollers. I have a spare toner cartridge and
  drum for this.)

  I also have 5-6 SGI Personal Irises.

 All of this stuff is at the University of Scranton and would need to
 be picked up. It's free, although I wouldn't turn down some PDP or
 VAX trinkets (expcept async boards :-) in exchange.

 Please reply directly to me.


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