RT-11 Memory Issues

From: Megan <mbg_at_TheWorld.com>
Date: Sat Aug 17 10:17:00 2002

>> Which monitor are you running? Also, what version? If running the
>>RT11SJ or RT11FB monitor, try RT11XM. Keep in mind that RT-11 is
>>basically limited to 64k (IIRC), and has to do tricks to use more than

The problem is that you actually have less memory available when you
run XM since it is a larger monitor. And we're talking about memory
in the critical area of the low 56kb.

>I did indeed try RT11XM with the same results. I guess I was hoping that
>there was some customization I needed to do to expand the amount of
>memory allocated to user programs.

What you need to do is try running the program under XM, but using
the 'virtual background executive' program, VBGEXE. This will
move the program into extended memory, but the program will see
much more available memory in its virtual address space.

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