PDP 11/24 Wierd Unibus Setup

From: Christopher McNabb <cmcnabb_at_4mcnabb.net>
Date: Mon Aug 19 16:56:00 2002

I've pretty much got this PDP-11/24 up and running, except for one confusing
detail. There are some (what I consider to be) strange cards plugged into
one section of the unibus.

In this box, there are three seperate sections of bus. The one on the right
has 9 slots, and contains the cpu, memory, dl-11, etc. The one on the left
has 4 slots and contains the bus terminator, as well as the controller for
the RA-80. It is joined to the right hand bus by an extension cable.

The middle section of bus is the wierd one. It contains some kind of power
supply cable and a bunch of single-height flip-chips. Here is the setup:

                    1 2 3
A Power

B M205

C M116

D M113

E M112


Anyone have any ideas what this is for?

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