TTY spares request

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Aug 19 17:22:00 2002

>From: "Ethan Dicks" <>
>--- Mike Ross <> wrote:
>> Hope someone can help - perhaps they're lying in a NJ warehouse!
>> Been checking out my old ASR33s, a couple of them are missing the small
>> bar (shaped like a 'double Y') which connects the keyboard mechanism to
>> the printer. Anybody got any spares?
>Dan Cohoe and I both made the rounds of the TTY spares on the balcony
>of the Armory in NJ (thanks again, William!) I do not recall seeing
>anything of that nature amidst the bits. Spare keytops, plattens,
>chad bins, springs and more, but no keyboard butterflies.
>It's a flat part and shouldn't be as critical on the manufacturing
>tolerances as parts in the printer carriage - if you have one, it
>should be possible to make duplicates. If you don't have any, someone
>could throw one on a flatbed scanner... You might even be able to get
>away with a plastic replacement - wouldn't be as durable (months/years
>instead of years/decades), but you could make a stack of them.

 The piece has to transmit quit a bit of torque to reset
the keyboard. I'm not sure if a piece of plastic could handle it.
One could carve it out of a piece of cold rolled steel using
a dremel tool. It has a slot in the center to make it easy to
remove and install with a screw driver but this part isn't
needed. The rest is just cutting around the edges.
 I don't have a scanner so maybe someone else can make a picture.

>If you have any friends who are train buffs, especially those who make
>their own engines/cars from raw materials rather than kits, they should
>have the necessary tools/skills to copy a 1"x2" flat piece of metal
>with a few notches and curvy bits.
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