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From: Carlos Murillo <carlos_murillo_at_epm.net.co>
Date: Tue Aug 20 20:06:00 2002

At 04:11 PM 8/20/02, you wrote:
>>The 9000/220 is the little sister of this one (9000/236C):
> I wouldn't call it "little". It uses the same CPU (68000) as the 9816,
>9826, 9836. The big difference is that the 220 (aka 9920) is a completely
>modular system. The keyboard, mouse, disk drives and monitor are all
separate. >The nice thing about the 220 is that it has sixteen slots so you
can add lots >of cards to it.

I stand corrected. I thought that the 220 was a smaller, earlier
compact system. Thus my comments about the monitors being
hard to find (though such comments certainly apply to the 9836C).

>>The 200 series machines are interesting if you have the software.
> A LOT of the external HP-IB drives that I find already have 9000 series
200 software on them :-) I'd guess that 40 to 50% of the drives that I find
have BASIC on them.

I never did find 200-specific software, but then I think nobody can
compete with Joe as far as HP stuff is concerned :-) .

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