Great finds at Auction Today and at Thrift

From: John <>
Date: Tue Aug 20 20:09:00 2002

It was a great day at the auction, I was able to get these items:
1. 3-Nextstation Color's was is missing the harddrive need to get a sound
box from the warehouse to test them.
2. 1-Nextstation Turbo powers up but no OS on it.
3. One mono display and one 17' color display, cable for both was in the
4. One Next laser printer.
5. IBM 7208-001 8mm 2.3GB external tape unit ($2.50).
6. Several IBM terminals will have get the numbers next time I'm down to the
7. Several computers from different mfg. have not tested any yet.

Best find of the day was at a thrift (I only had time to stop at 2 of them)
it was a Atari 2-player table console titled Missile Command. It has a coin
slot for 50 cent to play the game. You sit at this unit and put your hands
into the controller pocket that has a big yellow trackball and three fire
buttons for each player. They did not have the key to get into the unit and
I have not plugged it in yet to test. It's in great shape and is model
number 23601. I checked on google and could not find any information on the
unit. Anyone know where I can get spec's on this unit and what it cost new?
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