Great finds at Auction Today and at Thrift

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Aug 20 20:30:01 2002

>Best find of the day was at a thrift (I only had time to stop at 2 of them)
>it was a Atari 2-player table console titled Missile Command. It has a coin
>slot for 50 cent to play the game. You sit at this unit and put your hands
>into the controller pocket that has a big yellow trackball and three fire
>buttons for each player. They did not have the key to get into the unit and
>I have not plugged it in yet to test. It's in great shape and is model
>number 23601. I checked on google and could not find any information on the
>unit. Anyone know where I can get spec's on this unit and what it cost new?

        Truly cool...a Missile Command cocktail unit. Mostly it's
stuff like PacMan that you see in that format. Here are a couple of
pictures of one:

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