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From: Carlos Murillo <carlos_murillo_at_epm.net.co>
Date: Wed Aug 21 08:32:00 2002

At 08:47 AM 8/21/02, you wrote:
> :-) How is the used computer market down there in Columbia?
> Joe

Nil (sigh!). Darn! When I was in the U.S., even though I was
in centrally isolated Ithaca NY, I could find a few systems here
and there. But I did not have a place big enough to keep most
of them. Since I'm down here (1.7 years now) I have only found a
few old macs, a Datapoint system, a few Ngen(?) systems and
a Powerserver 320H (without the ethernet riser board) that I
haven't had the time to hack the password in. All need repairs.
But now I have a large basement :-( .

So, essentially I still have exactly what I brought with me.


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